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A complete WordPress Form Solution based on material design.

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Browse the latest codecoverage reports for the active branch.

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Action & Filter Hook Referencemore_vert

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The hooks and filters are scanned and saved automatically when-ever we merge to master. See a latest build of the hooks and filters here.

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ApiGen is executed when we merge to master. View the latest documentation here.

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Speed up Build with Grunt

We don't like doing repeatative tasks. So we have automated all build process with Grunt. You can compile SCSS, uglify JS and copy over needed files automatically.


Unit Test Everything

All codes should be tested. Although we didn't follow this from the beginning, but starting version 3.8, all our new (and a few existing) codes are unit tested. So commit with confidence.


Continuous Integration

All commits are passed through phplint, jshint and phpunit tests. When merge to master is accepted, then the package is automatically deployed to the respective servers.